Your introductory session


It's important that you feel comfortable with the counsellor you choose. Offering you the option of an introductory session means that we can focus on how we would work together on understanding the issues that trouble you. It also enables us to discuss the practicalities of the process before counselling begins.


The session lasts for half an hour and is free of charge



Ongoing counselling sessions


Sessions usually take place weekly and last for 50 minutes.


The number of sessions varies from person to person. Some people have a specific focus and benefit from a few sessions of counselling, while others seek the freedom to explore over a longer period. The objective always is to help you to move forward with new perspectives and different ways of coping with the life’s challenges, so sessions can be ended or extended according to your needs.

We would undertake reviews at agreed, regular intervals as we progress. This is an opportunity to share reflections about the sessions and contribute to understanding how effectively your needs are being met.

My fees are £40 for each session

I offer a concessionary rate of £35 for self-funding students (age 21 and under), subject to availibility


Respecting your confidentiality

I hold the safety and wellbeing of my clients in the highest regard and understand that I invite you to be as open as possible during counselling, which may give rise to concerns about confidentiality. The details and content of sessions are strictly confidential. 

The only exceptions to upholding confidentiality are where a risk of serious harm to yourself or another is apparent and where legislation requires information to be disclosed. Should any of these circumstances arise, I would always seek to discuss the nature of the disclosure with you first.


Contact details:

If you have any queries or wish to book a session, please call or email me:


07584 650 255




Hertfordshire /

border, HP4 3BN


Sessions Available:

Monday to Friday -

8.30am to 6pm

Saturdays - by appointment


Type of Session Offered

Individual, face-to-face counselling in a comfortable, home-based setting

Telephone counselling











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